Meet the hottest companies in Los Angeles and learn what makes “LA Tech” the most innovative technology ecosystem in the nation.


Frank Quattrone
Founder & CEO, Qatalyst Partners
Qatalyst Partners logo
J.B. Pritzker
Managing Partner, Pritzker Group
Pritzker Group logo
Tony Pritzker
Managing Partner, Pritzker Group
Pritzker Group logo
Mark Suster
Partner, Upfront Ventures
Upfront Ventures logo
Aydin Senkut
Founder & Managing Director, Felicis Ventures
Felicis Ventures logo
Sarah Tavel
Partner, Greylock Partners
Greylock Partners logo
Michael Carney
Venture Partner, Upfront Ventures
Upfront Ventures logo
Jonathan Bradley
Partner, Accelerator Programs, R/GA Ventures
R/GA logo
Andrew Jarecki
Director & Producer
Baron Davis
Venture Partner, Plus Capital
plus-capital logo
Adam Miller
Founder & CEO, Cornerstone OnDemand
Cornerstone logo
Mark Goldin
CTO, Cornerstone OnDemand
Cornerstone logo
Jason Corsello
VP Strategy, Cornerstone OnDemand
Cornerstone logo
Dana Settle
Partner, Greycroft
GreyCroft logo
Richard Wolpert
CEO, HelloTech
HelloTech logo
Dave Cole
Chief Product Officer, Crowdstrike
Crowdstrike logo
Tom Villante
Founder & CEO, YapStone
YapStone logo
Steve Jillings
CEO, TeleSign
Telesign logo
Steve Zahm
President, Procore
Procore logo
Matt Garratt
Vice President, Salesforce Ventures
Salesforce Ventures logo
Chris Ovitz
Founder and Co-CEO, Workpop
Scopely logo
Andrew Blackmon
CEO, Black Tux
Black Tux logo
Javier Ferreira
COO, Scopely
Scopely logo
Andrew Stalbow
CEO, Seriously
Seriously logo
Tucker Kain
CFO, LA Dodgers
LA Dogers logo
Nick Green
CEO, Thrive Market
Thrive Market logo
Paul Spiller
President & COO, Acorns
Acorns logo
Julien Bellanger
CEO, Prevoty
Prevoty logo
Jerry Jao
CEO, Retention Science
Retention Science logo
Ara Mahdessian
CEO, ServiceTitan
ServiceTita logo
Juan Dulanto
COO, Washio
Washio logo
Josh Entman
Co-Founder & Chief Development Officer, Jukin Media
Jukin Media logo
John Tabis
CEO, The Bouqs Company
The Bouqs Company logo
Joanna McFarland
CEO, Hop Skip Drive
Hop Skip Drive logo
Jason Nazar
Former CEO, Docstoc
Docstoc logo
Howard Marks
Managing Partner, StartEngine
StartEngine logo
Dave Brody
Founder, XTI Aircraft
XTI Aircraft logo
Jim Andelman
Partner, Rincon Venture Partners
Rincon Venture Partners logo
Peter Lee
Partner, Baroda Ventures
Baroda Ventures logo
TX Zhuo
Partner, Karlin Ventures
Karlin Ventures logo
Chirag Chotalia
Vice President, Pritzker Group
Leena Rao
Senior Writer, Fortune
Fortune logo
Jon Erlichman
Brian Garrett
Managing Director, Crosscut Venures
Crosscut Ventureslogo
Clinton Foy
Managing Director, Crosscut Venures
Crosscut Ventureslogo
George Lee
Partner, Goldman Sachs
Goldman Sachs logo
Kristina Shen
Vice President, Bessemer Venture Partners
Bessemer Venture Partners logo
Mike Amstrong
President, Zest Finance
Zest Finance Partners logo
Xander Oxman
CEO, Club W
ClubW logo
Jalal Nasir
CEO, Pixalate
Pixalate logo
Josh Yguado
Co-Founder & President, SGN
SGN logo
Tom Ryan
CEO, Pluto TV
Pluto TV logo
Corey Brundage
CEO, Honk
Honk logo
Michael Schneider
CEO, Service
Service logo
Pablo Borquez
CEO, ProducePay
ProducePay logo
Kai Sato
President & COO, FieldLevel
FieldLevel logo
Bing Chen
Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer, Victorious
Cavan Canavan
Founder, FocusMotion
FocusMotion logo
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It was just as inspirational as I had hoped, and even more educational.

Lissy L’Amoreaux,
Managing Director, Digital/Social at Ignition

LA Tech Summit is an ideal place to mingle, get new contacts, answer your unresolved questions, and gain more insight into Silicon Beach.

Sonny Yuen,
VP of Growth at Schoolzilla

LA Tech is a place to learn from world-changing thinkers and innovators in the LA Tech community.

Reyhan Jhaver,
Head of Product Innovation. Rallyteam

2015 Agenda At-A-Glance

9:00 - 9:10
Starlight Ballroom


Speaker: Adam Miller

9:15 - 9:50
Starlight Ballroom

Coming to LA: Pritzker Group’s Community Investing Approach

Moderator: Leena Rao

Speakers: Tony Pritzker, J.B. Pritzker

9:55 - 10:15
Starlight Ballroom

Fireside Chat with Andrew Jarecki

Moderator: George Lee

Speaker: Andrew Jarecki

10:15 - 10:35

coffee break

11:00 - 11:50
Starlight Ballroom

Indicators of Future Success: Identifying the Next Big Idea

Moderator: Frank Quattrone

Speakers: Mamoon Hamid, Aydin Senkut, Sarah Tavel

11:55 - 12:25
Starlight Ballroom

Fireside Chat with Mark Suster and mitú

Moderator: Mark Suster

Speaker: Beatriz Acevedo, Mike Su


Lunch Starts

12:45 - 1:35
Starlight Ballroom

Feeding Time: Shark Tank

Moderator: Jason Nazar

Judges: Baron Davis, Scott Marlette, Chris Ovitz

1:40 - 2:05
Starlight Ballroom

Regulation A+: A New Way to Raise

Moderator: Howard Marks

Speaker: Dave Brody


Lunch Ends

2:15 - 2:50

What’s Next for Early Stage Investing in LA?

Moderator: Jason Corsello

Speakers: TX Zhuo, Peter Lee, Jim Andelman, Brian Garrett

2:15 - 2:50

Southern California’s Burgeoning B2B Scene

Moderator: Matt Garratt

Speakers: Steve Zahm, Jerry Jao, Ara Mahdessian

3:00 - 3:35

Pay it Forward: The Future of FinTech

Moderator: Michael Carney

Speakers: Paul Spiller, Tom Villante, Pablo Borquez, Mike Armstrong

3:00 - 3:35

Geeking out on Gaming: the Next Generation of Entertainment

Moderator: Clinton Foy

Speakers: Andrew Stalbow, Josh Yguado, Javier Ferreira

3:00 - 3:35
Starlight Ballroom

The Viral Sensation and Why We Love Online Videos

Moderator: Dana Settle

Speakers: Josh Entman, Tom Ryan, Bing Chen

3:35 - 3:55

coffee break

3:55 - 4:30

Digital Armor: Defending Your Company Against a New Threat Landscape

Moderator: Mark Goldin

Speakers: Steve Jillings, Jalal Nasir, Julien Bellanger, Dave Cole

3:55 - 4:30

Subscribing to a New Way to Buy: the Worry-free Future of eCommerce

Moderator: Chirag Chotalia

Speakers: Xander Oxman, Nick Green, John Tabis, Andrew Blackmon

4:40 - 5:15

Instant Gratification: the Service Economy at your Fingertips

Moderator: Kristina Shen

Speakers: Juan Dulanto, Corey Brundage, Joanna McFarland, Michael Schneider, Richard Wolpert

4:40 - 5:15

When Sports Meet Technology: Introducing the LA Dodgers Accelerator

Moderator: Jon Erlichman

Speakers: Tucker Kain, Jonathan Bradley, Kai Sato, Cavan Canavan

5:15 - CLOSE


The Bungalow (next door)

1010 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90401

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